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If Creaxt were a child,
she would be a 6-year-old getting ready for school!

If Creaxt were a child, she would be a 6-year-old getting ready for school!
Category:  Culture
Author:  Sameer Mohanty
They say, the first 6 years of a kid is very crucial in a child's overall development

and it’s been a good 6 years of me building Creaxt along with many talented teammates, people and experiences. It feels a lot like watching your child grow up. When we started, I was a bit like a clueless parent, full of rebellious energy, and always questioning the way things were traditionally done.

In those first two years, it was a bit like a wild ride. I was determined to create a company with its own unique way of doing things, challenging orthodoxies, often making decisions based on instinct rather than data, more from my rebellious nature. It was a time of learning and experimentation, and even though the company was just crawling, I cherished those moments, and was grateful for giving a guy like me this opportunity to pursue Entrepreneurship.

As Creaxt started to find its feet and began to walk, I was still figuring out the direction and depth of the company. Sometimes, exciting opportunities would come along that would temporarily divert my focus. It was a bit chaotic, but progress was happening fast, and our ideas were turning into real products.

Then, COVID happened, and it was a bit like dealing with your child, who has just fallen. I realized the importance of having processes and financial stability in place. Facing an unprecedented challenge, I learned that patience and problem-solving are key. Just like when your child falls, you have to stay calm, address the issues, and figure out what went wrong. Those two years taught me the perseverance required to run a company. External forces might throw you off track, but you have to stay dedicated, work hard, and stay true to your beliefs and values.

In the last two years, Creaxt has been growing steadily. It's like watching a child go from walking to jogging. We've established routines, found our identity, and started to tell our own story.


We've grown, and we'll continue to grow.

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey, the experiences we've had, the people around me, and my amazing team. You've all been my guiding star, helping me chase my North Stars (one at a time, ofcourse) and make Creaxt what it is today.